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Principal's Welcome

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Our school's goal for every child is found on our school crest stating, "Learn, Believe, Succeed." Learning is FAC CS' passion. We create a balance between learning the core curriculum, biblical studies and elective studies for a well rounded experience. Believing is essential - believing that God created each individual in excellence with purpose, believing in oneself to accomplish anything he/she puts his/her mind to do. 

We believe that if our students can obtain a love for learning and faith in God and themselves, success is inevitable. We work so that every student can feel prepared and confident for the next level of their education.

Miss. Jaime Butzer, Principal

Meet Our Teachers

Kalyx Bulgrin


Shauntya Brown.jpeg
Shauntya Brown

Middle School Grades

Charlie Griffin.jpg
Charlie Griffin

1st Grade

Amanda Small.jpg
Amanda Small

2nd Grade

Christian Bulgrin_headshot_edited.jpg
Christian Bulgrin

Chapel & Physical Ed.

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